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SHPLAT Gameplay Video

I’ve uploaded a gameplay video for SHPLAT from the Stuttgart Hackathon. More info here: Downloads and Source code:

SHPLAT – A small platform game made in one week-end

SHPLAT stands for Stuttgart Hackathon Platformer. I’ve made this platform game during the Stuttgart Hackathon which was an intense game development week-end in Stuttgart, Germany. My team mate and I didn’t find any good idea we agreed on, but did find out that we both liked retro games and platform games. That’s why we picked […]

Made a match-three game with HTML5

A few months ago, I made a match-three game. One reason is that I didn’t solve the “remove matching pieces” algorithm yet, and since I like to try out and learn different algorithms, it was a good opportunity. Also, I wanted to try out whether it would work well using CSS3, HTML5 canvas or WebGL […]

GitHub project for NodeReviver and PyGame entry

I have created a GitHub project page for Node Reviver: Additionally, since it’s made with Pygame, I’ve submitted it on its website:

Node Reviver 1.0 Gameplay Video

I’ve uploaded a gameplay video for Node Reviver 1.0, the version I released for MiniLD#33. You can download the game on this page.

The power of constraints

Thanks to the constrains of the Mini Ludum Dare rapid game development competition I was able to write a new game and had to make it match a given theme (Doodles) and finish it within one week. These limits helped me to stay focused on delivering a finished game, or something close to it. I […]

Node Reviver, a game I made for MiniLD #33

Node Reviver is a game I made for MiniLD #33. The theme was to draw a doodle and make a game based on it within a time limit of one week.   I have written this game using Pygame. You can download it here: Download Windows version Download Linux version (needs Python >= 2.5 and […]

Entropy, a HTML5 game with bouncing balls and simple physics

Python version In my free time I wanted to try out pygame, so I created Entropy. It’s a game where balls are attracted or repulsed by the mouse cursor when holding the left, right or middle button. The balls also bounce against the screen edges. It is not a real game actually because there is […]

Thoughts about time travel and life

My favourite time travel stories are the ones where time is immutable, and where closed time-like curves (CTC) occur. They are some kind of logical time loops. Because of this, the past can’t be changed, so everything that is was already this way. If you still travel back in time and try for example to […]

Creating maps with Platinum Arts Sandbox

I have created some maps for fun using Platinum Arts Sandbox. It is based on the Cube Engine, a 3d game engine where the map consists of a series of cubes with different sizes. The cubes themselves can be deformed in a limited way, like moving their points. An interesting feature is that it is […]

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