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SHPLAT Gameplay Video

I’ve uploaded a gameplay video for SHPLAT from the Stuttgart Hackathon. More info here: Downloads and Source code:

SHPLAT – A small platform game made in one week-end

SHPLAT stands for Stuttgart Hackathon Platformer. I’ve made this platform game during the Stuttgart Hackathon which was an intense game development week-end in Stuttgart, Germany. My team mate and I didn’t find any good idea we agreed on, but did find out that we both liked retro games and platform games. That’s why we picked […]

Made a match-three game with HTML5

A few months ago, I made a match-three game. One reason is that I didn’t solve the “remove matching pieces” algorithm yet, and since I like to try out and learn different algorithms, it was a good opportunity. Also, I wanted to try out whether it would work well using CSS3, HTML5 canvas or WebGL […]

The power of constraints

Thanks to the constrains of the Mini Ludum Dare rapid game development competition I was able to write a new game and had to make it match a given theme (Doodles) and finish it within one week. These limits helped me to stay focused on delivering a finished game, or something close to it. I […]

Node Reviver, a game I made for MiniLD #33

Node Reviver is a game I made for MiniLD #33. The theme was to draw a doodle and make a game based on it within a time limit of one week.   I have written this game using Pygame. You can download it here: Download Windows version Download Linux version (needs Python >= 2.5 and […]