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GitHub project for NodeReviver and PyGame entry

I have created a GitHub project page for Node Reviver: Additionally, since it’s made with Pygame, I’ve submitted it on its website:

Node Reviver 1.0 Gameplay Video

I’ve uploaded a gameplay video for Node Reviver 1.0, the version I released for MiniLD#33. You can download the game on this page.

Playing with the HTML5 canvas

I wanted to learn how to use the HTML5 canvas, and a good start was to implement some known games. So I have simply implemented a Tetris clone and a Minesweeper clone using only JavaScript and the HTML5 canvas.

Running BIRT in Tomcat on Nokia N900

IcedTea6 for Maemo is out. It’s a port of OpenJDK for the Nokia N900. Thanks to this many Java applications can be run on the tablet. I recently tried to install Tomcat 6 and deploy the BIRT runtime on my mobile phone, and it worked ! 🙂 But it was still a little bit slow […]

Screen orientation or how to surf the web while lying in bed

If like me you sometimes feel tired, would like to lie down, but still want to use your computer (like a real geek ;-)), and maybe surf the web or read ebooks. Rotating the screen I have already shown you how useful a trackball can be compared to a mouse, especially in this kind of […]


My new Youmouse Trackball

Until recently I was enjoying to use my Logitech Trackball for many years, one of the most comfortable trackballs I have ever tried. Unfortunately it is now broken, and clicking sometimes doesn’t work, which is not very convenient. You can imagine when I’m playing Unreal Tournament 2003, and I aim to an enemy, then click, […]


Hello world and happy new year 2010 !

Hello world and happy new year 2010 ! My name is Vincent and I’m a French computer geek. This means that I enjoy spending most of my time tinkering with computers, like trying new software, and finding new ways to improve life through computing. Since 2003 I am a happy openSUSE user (formerly SuSE), one […]