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Thoughts about time travel and life

My favourite time travel stories are the ones where time is immutable, and where closed time-like curves (CTC) occur. They are some kind of logical time loops. Because of this, the past can’t be changed, so everything that is was already this way. If you still travel back in time and try for example to prevent a specific event from occurring, in the end you’ll find out that you can’t change anything no matter what you do. In some scenarios, the reason why that event has occurred in the first place was because you were there in the past and made it happen, directly or indirectly.

This happens for example in the “The Time Traveller’s Wife” movie, where Henry, the time traveller, meets his future wife Clare for the first time, they are both adults. She already knows him because when she was younger, she met an older Henry who travelled back in time. So at the time the present Henry first gets to know her, he doesn’t understand how she could already know him. It’s only later that Henry figures out that he would travel back in time and meet a younger Clare, and understand how she got to know him earlier. In this scenario we can see that these events have always already happened, and the protagonists are only discovering them one by one.

The best case of time loop I’ve seen is in the Doctor Who‘s episode “Blink“, where the Doctor is stuck in the past and communicates with Sally, a girl from the present. During the whole episode, Sally discover several inexplicable¬† messages from the Doctor, who seems to know her actions beforehand. The reason why he knows about her actions is because she would tell them to an earlier version of the Doctor later, before he got stuck in the past.

I like to believe that this is how time works in reality. So when I think about the past, I try to accept it as it is, and not hope I had a way to change it. But I still do like to think about what would happen if I changed some events in my life, especially negative ones. The result is often that I wouldn’t be where I am now without such events. Maybe I would be in a worse situation just because I didn’t learn a specific lesson at some point of my past.

From here, I try to learn from my past experiences, and accept them as they are. Some bad things happen in life which might lead to good things in the future. Also, good things happening now may lead to worse things happening later. So it’s better to keep everything as it is.

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