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SHPLAT – A small platform game made in one week-end

SHPLAT stands for Stuttgart Hackathon Platformer.

I’ve made this platform game during the Stuttgart Hackathon which was an intense game development week-end in Stuttgart, Germany. My team mate and I didn’t find any good idea we agreed on, but did find out that we both liked retro games and platform games. That’s why we picked this idea. Unfortunately my team mate lost interest after one day, so I worked mostly alone on this project. I personally always wanted to make a game from A to Z, including graphics, sound and music, so I am proud to have been able to bring SHPLAT that far, especially using the LÖVE library which I didn’t know before, and LUA a programming language I also never used before. It was quite a challenge ! Of course I already knew from the start that I wouldn’t win any of the hackathon prizes.

The goal of the game is very simple: just collect all keys then head to the exit door while avoiding monsters. Use the arrow keys and space bar or ctrl to jump.

This version has no storyline and only 7 levels, after which you’ll get an error message.

To play it, do the following:

  • first download and install LÖVE for your platform (Linux, Windows or Mac)
  • download the game from GitHub:
  • drag and drop the “” file onto LÖVE (Windows) or type “love” in the console with the proper path. (note: the love file is just a simple zip file)
  • enjoy

You can also get the source code here:

If you want to create levels, just install the Tiled Map Editor and open the map files inside the “map” subdirectory of the love/zip archive or source tree.

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